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  1. Loneranger

    Loneranger Member

    Hi All,

    I thought it was about time I’d join up and say hello.

    I've just picked up my Audi A3. It’s a 08 plate A3 TDI 170 S- line. I'd recently decided to move over from the world of BMW, where I’d been for the last few years. And I have to say I’m very pleased to be back.

    My recent car history included my very much loved A3 3dr. It was a 98 'R' plate 1.8T with grey leather. I was my first touch of luxury. I purchased the car a few years old with 20k miles and sold it 4 years later with 120k.. and nothing went wrong what so ever! It was and still is the best car I’ve owned... only time will tell if this will be the same!

    I then decided I needed more, so I purchased an Z3M Roadster, again a great car, but running two motors was just too expensive!. I decided I needed speed and economy so I traded them both in for a Bmw 330d Sport. Great engine but **** gearbox... It survived 122k miles until it was time to move on.... and here I am.

    My first impressions are great; the engine is a real beauty with a fair amount of torque. I've even come to the conclusion that in the real world it’s probably as quick as my 330d. The audi grips fairly well but does have a tendency to want to spin the wheels pulling out of corners unlike the BM with RWD. I do miss a couple of things that my BM had. Multifunction steering wheel, auto lights and auto dimming rear mirror. I can get over these! Overall the quality of build is great and I’m just looking forward to putting a few miles on her!!

    I've ordered a RNS-e for it already, decided to use a guy from ebay, I should receive it this week all been well. I'm not sure about the Vagcom side of things. I did email Ed from APS in Brackley and mentioned it to him. He said they'd not done one before so he'll need to look into it. I'm thinking of getting cruise control fitted so maybe they could code the nav as well.

    Is there a guide for the Vagcom programming changes somewhere?


    I'll post a couple of pictures soon....
  2. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    sounds good there. ull have to get some pics up
  3. APL TDi

    APL TDi Member



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