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  1. Pornstarr

    Pornstarr Member

    Howdy, I'm new to the world of Audi.
    I've recently totalled my Toyota Celica GT-four WRC. I always intended to replace it with an S4, however not quite this soon.

    All things being what they are though, it's onwards and upwards.

    I'm off to look at a couple of B5's tomorrow. A pre-face lift Avant, and a post facelift Saloon. I know, a bit of a difference.
    Really, I want the avant, however I'm tempted to see the saloon just to compare the way they drive.

    My Gt-four was pretty nimble, and I don't wanna loose too much of the handling ability in buying an estate.

    Anyway, I'm only here to say Hello for the time being.

    Oh, and if you've got any advice for looking at the cars, that'd be helpful. I've scoured the forum this afternoon, and read the buying guide.
    Just wondering if there's anything else worth noting before I start what could well be a long and twisty road into VAG ownership.


  2. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    Welcome to Audi-Sport like ur user name what area you from :)
  3. Pornstarr

    Pornstarr Member

    Thanks, the username came about after a long and slightly embarrassing experience when I did a media production course, and borrowed one of the cameras for a weekend.

    I'm in Northants.
    Work in Banbury, just around the corner (sort of) from MRC.

    Also have a brother and best friend who are Audi technicians.

    So I'm chomping at the bit to get an S4 and then start making it....err...faster. :rock:
  4. OnTheJazz

    OnTheJazz Member

    all the best finding an S4, there are always a couple on the bay as a last result.

    As far as handling goes, i would like to think given the right set-up an S4 would be better handling than your old Celica.
    There is a bi tof a debate between avant & saloon, with the avantt having better weight distribution, but get out and drive each and see what works best for you!
  5. Pornstarr

    Pornstarr Member

    Didn't go well today.

    The saloon was very nice inside and out.
    It had coilovers fitted (which the seller didnt know about). But it was so low that it'd bottomed out loads and torn both the flexi's to pieces.

    Pulled to the left a bit too. (could've been down to impropper set up on the coilies mind)

    It also had the service inspection light on, and the oil level was below the low mark.
    Also had no MOT or tax. So I can only imagine a dodgy MOT to take it through without replacing the exhaust sections.

    The avant was nice inside and out. Handleld much better than the saloon.
    However it needs new front pads, and there was a rattle coming from the nearside turbo. I don't suspect the turbo at fault, I've never heard a turbo rattle without smoking. So I guess it's that heatshield affair?!
    How much is a pair of new RS4 manifolds to replace them with?

    It'd also had a lot of work done in the past. New N/S wheel bearing and trackrod end at 56k. An independant garage had done a load of work on the steering column and under the dash, then days later there was a big receipt for new Airbag sensors in the same areas that the independant had worked in.

    Problem is, that independant had done most of the servicing work, including the cam belt. Which leaves me a little concerned about the workmanship there.

    Perhaps I'm being a bit picky??
  6. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    RS4 exhaust manifolds are the same as facelift S4 ones. You can usually pick them up 2nd hand for about £100. I had mine ported and rewelded when they were off last.

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