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  1. smith4130

    smith4130 New Member

    hello, I'm new too the site. I'm in the market for an a 2.5 Quattro avant... got about 10k-13k too spent, I always had BMW's until my brother got a a6 2.5 Quattro, was very impressed..
    unsure weather b5 or b6...?
    what the story with 163bhp and the 180bhp in the 2.5 v6 how can I tell the difference between the two engine other than driving ?
    what should i look for in a good and bad buy.....
    any help would be much appreciate.... thanks in advance for any suggestion.
    also if any one knows of a good wagon mail it on.
    look forward to my new car and modin the ***** out of it and wasting a good few company hours on Audi sport.net
  2. Macduff

    Macduff Member

    AFAIK, the 180bhp version will only come with Quattro and the 163bhp version is only FWD. I think the early versions of both were 150bhp.

  3. Aldo

    Aldo Active Member

    Welcome :)
  4. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Check the Audi service book, all the power / engine details are in the front of it. If they haven't got the book, don't buy it.
    I bought my 2001 180hp quattro sport from Audidiesels.com. and it was immaculate. Site is usually up to date with their stock list. They will find you one if you tell them what you want.
    Mine had 109000 on it, i replaced a wheel bearing - symptom high pitched noise from wheel (they paid), a CV joint - symptom knocking on full lock, and the N75 boost control valve - symptom power loss, black smoke (they paid) within the first 10,000 miles.
    Check the tyres for uneven wear, the quattros rear alignment is adjustable and it appears not as lot of people know that and even less get it checked. My rears went through to the wire on the inside and still had 5mm on the outside. Also check brake fluid has been changed when it should have been (@ 2 years), there were gaps in my service history for that. I think my shocks are in need of replacement
    All the V6s rev slowly to start with there is a hole between tickover and around 1800 revs. Save £400 for a chip, makes it much better, also adds 30hp and 100Nm and a big smile.
    Only thing wrong at the moment is the AM doesn't work on the radio. Just did 3000miles in 2 weeks round europe 4 up plus luggage, car didn't even notice it.
  5. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

  6. smith4130

    smith4130 New Member

    hello again....
    picked the car up in london last week and pulled up the m4 all the way home... car is spotless, its a 150bhp, lovin the torq and got it for a song..
    ride is soft and need to stiff'n up was thinking some'n ajustable, need to be able to take the family on long drives with out gettin the ear chewed :whip: ... still need to shread the bends
    gettin chipped next week, should i wait for the k&n panel filter to arive before chip'n, or can i take the oem filter out and chip.
    no more bm's the quattro kills....

  7. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    So what is it you got exactly?
    Posted for advice on shock replacement ages ago and have had no response. I wouldn't bother with the K&N yet if you are chipping. Wait till you are used to the chip and then try. I am still running a standard filter, theres lots of posts saying it makes little or no difference to power or economy, no difference except maybe slightly quicker throttle pick up, and you get more intake roar which is fine if you like that sort of thing. mine makes plenty of noise as it is but i am still considering then K&N as it worked for my last Passat and the FJ.
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