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  1. Rob45

    Rob45 Member

    Hi , Just joined up on here as back in an Audi Seat :) , did have a 225 TTR in 2008 but sold when my little man come along and got a 330D tourer , well thats just been sold as wanted an S3 even when i had the TT i fancied the S3 , well got an Avus silver 52 plate 91k S3 with silver leather , all standard which is how i like to start things , even has orginal alloys ... car has been neglected IMO and not to my standard anyway as not looked after and treated like any old car , deffo was not owned by an enthusiast .... Service history is not too bad , cambelt was deffo done at 45K by M/dealer , last one done at 89k but the company who did this turns out to be linked to the same company who sold me it !!!!

    So i have questioned it and they ensure me it's been done with pump , tensioners etc along with haldex oil .... Just have niggling doubts because of other issues , also the service was done at 89k , but my service started counting down a few weeks ago , and as you know , once this starts , it drops quite quickly and now saying due in 100 miles , so did they reset or no service been done ???? S/ Book looks like all 10k intervals which i prefer ...

    Cant be asked with asking the dealer who i bought from anymore with other issues as winds me up .. I have spent 2 days on the interior getting the leather back to a decent look with Gliptone scuffmaster dye and conditioner and does look much much better , Going to be doing a new oil service this w/end with new filters etc , this week i have also changed some of the dreaded PCV pipes as could smell oil fumes and found 3 split pipes , the main was the big one from the block which goes into T housing connection which was in half !!! so have changed all these bits , so it's getting some TLC now ...

    Turbo seems to be fine , run on pump was running slow and struggling so removed , cleaned out and running 100% Now ... Noticed a headlight adjustment screw is missing and a cowboy has put a screw in next to the rod to stop in moving , Quality !!! went to a scrappy to get the cog wheel adjusters but these wont go on as the Rod is worn so have secured a nut on there now ....

    Top turbo boost pipe , top left , keeps moving off the metal pipe where its secured , have tightened j/clip as tight as it will go but it keeps moving back a little , do i need a new clip ??? And finally , looking for the engine bay trim that covers reservoir bottle as missing, cannot find one anywhere and is £90.00 from dealers.. well i look forward to chatting with new guys with same interests ... Cheers....
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  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Hi, welcome to audi-sport.net. Good to have you on board. Any pics of the car. Check out our classifieds section for parts your after, you may get lucky. Read through the faqs thread in this section, lots of good info in there. Enjoy the forum. :) x
  3. Adam P

    Adam P Active Member

    Welcome Rob, sounds like your geting stuck in :thumbsup:
    Get some picture up.
  4. Rob45

    Rob45 Member

    Cheers , yes getting stuck in as have no choice !!!! I dont mind having a tinker but as said , things have been neglected .

    Been running a Beemer for 5 years since the TT so have had trouble free motoring pretty much so am finding it pretty frustrating at the moment .

    I know S3's and TT's are a money pot when things go wrong or not looked after so just needs sorting plus on a budget as family now and this is my every day car so needs to running sweet ...

    Probably not as bad as it sounds , just me being fussy and anal i guess as do like things right and looking good , it will take time .




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