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  1. roop1

    roop1 New Member

    hi everyone,i have just joined and need help!
    basically i have just bought an a6 3.2 v6 2005,i have been looking for 1 for a while now and came accross this 1 for good money as it had a engine man. light active,the light relates to the cam shaft sensor which the old owner had replaced but did not cure the fault,when i looked at it i could tel the idle was lumpy and it sounded noisy so had a good idea the chains were to blame,anyway a deal was struck and i wasted no time getting it home and started stripping the gearbox and flywheel off which is where i became stuck as i really cant work out how the main lower chain cover comes off,i can see the end of the cylinder heads overlap the cover and it seems logical to me this would be dowled but i can't find any info saying the heads need to be removed!

    Please help!if the heads need to be removed then so be it but even then i cant work out how the chains are removed from the cams


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