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Newbie with stereo problems! :(

Burnsie666 Feb 22, 2013

  1. Burnsie666

    Burnsie666 Member

    Hi Guys,

    ive searched countless times but cant seem to find any advice on this....

    I purchased my yellow s3 2 weeks ago now and love the car!

    It hasnt got a sub or amp in it but has got the concert stereo sytem (tape deck)

    im looking to put my old stereo in and have brought a iso lead

    took the stereo out last night to find...... a red plug with one cable in it....blue green and yellow plugs and a brown and black (look kinda like iso plugs)

    Plugged what i could in (the brown plug to the iso lead)

    the stereo had power but no sound :(

    now because the car doesnt have a amp the rear speakers im geussing run off one of the plugs in the back of the stereo
    as they still work with the concert head unit...

    ive looked at leads online but they all say bose amped or half amped so im really not sure what to try....

    anyone had this problem? were the sub and amp a optional extra?

    many thanks in advance for helping my newbie self :( haha
  2. Pabl0

    Pabl0 Member

    The sub should be in the boot in the left hatch along with the cd changer, the amp should be in the right hatch towards the rear lights.

    It wasn't an optional extra, only the interface in the dash was different..

    Oh, welcome and congratulations on buying the best colour!
  3. Burnsie666

    Burnsie666 Member


    Hi Buddy

    thanks for the welcome! :)

    ive checked and had pretty much the whole boot plastics out and neither the sub or the amp are there so as far as i can make out from other threads on here by rights the rear speakers shouldnt work unless they have been rewired but it doesnt look as though they have :(

    if thats the case can i just use a normal A3 wiring harness/convertor?

    thanks for the help so far chap!
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    All S3's have a sub as standard, some have the Bose upgrade which has a different sub, but a sub nonetheless.
    You say you have a brown ISO connector at the HU (front speaker connector) which means you have the non Bose system, which is half amped (rear and sub)
    You say the rear speakers only work with the Concert, which means the rear amp is working, so you must have a sub as the rear amp is inside it. The rears cannot have been rewired to the HU as the Concert has no rear speaker outputs.
    The sub is a black plastic box in the left cubbyhole in the boot with what looks like a fan mounted in it:

    You just need a PC9-404 to take the rear pre-outs from the new HU to the mini ISO 20 pin connector on the Audi loom

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