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Newbie with some questions about changing the oil in multitronic gbox

Seville Oct 14, 2011

  1. Seville

    Seville New Member


    Have just bought a 0454 Audi Avant 1.8t with multitronic box.

    I love it and all is well. However, doing a bit more homework about the car, post-purchase, I see that the multi gbox is less than popular with many people!

    My questions, it is due its second oil change, the first was done at 43k and now I'm at 86k. I rang around and Audi Hitchin came in at £150 about £30 cheaper than the other two quotes.

    Is this a fair price?
    Any horror stories re: Hitchin?
    How long will it take? I'm sure I've read it takes 2 hours plus, yet he reckons it's an hours job.
    As the gbox is working fine, I am right to get the oil changed - I'm not going to trigger probes....he says in a paranoid way...

    Anyone local to Hertford who can retrofit a rnse sat nav for me?

  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    £150 sounds reasonable cos it needs a lot of oil and is temp controlled.Its a must on multi boxes but I also had my Tiptonic done by Soton Audi for this cost
  3. white.akita

    white.akita Active Member

    £150 sounds good to me, id definately get it done asap.

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