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Newbie with Quattro V8 and questions

quattrov8 Jan 28, 2007

  1. quattrov8

    quattrov8 New Member

    Hey guys and girls, im a newbie, I have kinda defected from Mercedes, great cars, let down by rust and customer care, I have brought myself a seemingly genuine low mileage V8 Quattro in red and there is a few questions I have about her,

    1) I know I also own an E55 AMG but the performance does not blow me away and the fuel consumption sucks, I think this is connected to the oil and water temp gauges showing zero at all times, do I need to shop for 2 sensors?

    2) I have the 3.7, is this just 2 Mk2 golf GTI engines on a common crank?

    3) As you can tell I love a V8, I was going to do something about the sound coming from the back of the Merc but I didnt think this fitted the car too well, what can be done to get some of the V8 rumble out of the exhaust? can I just take the mid box out and replace her with a straight through pipe or will this eventually over pressure the back box and kill it?

    Cheers for reading and I cant wait for the replies.........

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