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Newbie with problems

s3 toe Jan 13, 2011

  1. s3 toe

    s3 toe Member

    newbie here with a few problems please help

    hi everyone new to the site and in need of help with a few problems.
    well here goes where to start lol. first major problem is the brakes abs light seems to come on some times this only started to happen since the snow. its not staying on all the time some days i could start her up and its off then travel down the road some times i can hear a kind of grinding noise and can feel the brake pedal stiff up and let loose and then the abs light comes on and the noise has stopped. but this noise i also hear when i put on full lock while moving weird i know.

    nest one when im driving down using hardly any boost i.e under 0psi can hear the turbo making a normal noise until i plant my foot down then the note changes to a very loud as in screaming loud whistling noise. it spikes at 1.4 and settles at 1 bar but if i lift off the accelerator just a little bit and the pressure drops to 0.7 she seems to pick up more speed and obvious the loud whistling has died down a little bit. had the whole front end off checked all the intercooler pipes and cant find any splits and there is no obvious cracks in the intercoolers. its gettin a bit anoying now as i hate taking my car to garages as i do not trust the work some cowboys doo or even trust my car with them and would like to fix these problems my self. PLEASE HELP::crying:
  2. dany2k

    dany2k Member

    hi mate, start first with a diagnostic check. make a note of the codes you have, clear them, drive for another day and check again.

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