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Newbie with my first Audi.

Barry#1 Apr 7, 2009

  1. Barry#1

    Barry#1 In The Pit Lane

    Hi folks, I have an A4 B6 1.9 TDi 130 Sport in metallic black, it's my first ownership of an Audi but have driven loads of them throughout the years.

    I came from jap cars and my last two were Honda's, a black Integra & a blue Accord Sport, but i must say that i am very pleased with the Audi.
    Spec in the A4 is a lot more than what i was used to with the Accord, S-line/GMBH kit, cruise control, auto dimming mirror, auto lights, front centre arm rest, 6 disc symphony cd player & coming home lights.

    I have added xenon bulbs & wind deflectors & painted the brake calipers red since i purchased it.
    New n/s headlight is on it's way as the lens is knackered in the one that's on it at the mo.

    The car has been very well looked after and is washed every day & polished every wk when permissable.
    Sitting on standard 17's at the mo but will change to 18's or 19's later.

    I'll need to browse the site to see if anyone has 19's on there A4 to see how it sits suspension wise, don't want it to look to high so may opt for 18's with coil overs at some point.

    Sorry for rabbling on, looks a very good site. :thumbsup:


    Barry :salute:
  2. martyboy

    martyboy Member

    hello and welcome :sign_welcome:

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