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Newbie with Audio issues 2001 1.8T Standard Concert Headunit

Confusedofbristol Feb 6, 2012

  1. Confusedofbristol

    Confusedofbristol New Member


    I've just bought a lovely A3 which has unfortunately had a few issues and has gone back to the (non Audi) dealer where I bought her. They are sorting the mechanical side out but there is an annoying issue with the stereo...

    When I first test drove, the stereo an Audi Concert, was dead. They claim a fuse change sorted this, but I've only got front channel speakers working. There is what looks like a plastic sub in the boot on the passenger side. The dealership claims there are only 2 wires from the head unit and therefore the stereo is only 2 channel. I can't see how a top of the range 5 door Audi would only have 2 speakers!!

    Please can you suggest what might be wrong, as currently the car is with the dealer and I want them to get the thing working before I collect her...

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. egesford

    egesford Member

    fronts are run off the headunit, rears and sub are run off the amp which is housed in the sub.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You just need to pull the Hu and plug in the rear/sub amp loom. This feeds the rear amp with the rear pre-outs from the HU. Chances are the wiring has been butchered which is why it has not been connected, but you might be lucky and the connector maybe just disconnected and burried behind the HU. It is a black 20 pin mini ISO plug and plugs into the top socket on the back of the HU
  4. Confusedofbristol

    Confusedofbristol New Member


    Thanks for the replies!

    I got the dealership to follow your advice, all the connections were solid but they have found the sub/amp in the boot, which they were not aware existed! Anyway, they then said that the sub/amp smelled burnt, and have kindly offered to replace it for me. The funny this was, I was all ready to take the car away when I realised the stereo was the least of my worries... No speedo!

    So I am still driving the hire car, a Subaru Legacy estate... I cant fault the dealer on service, even if thier techs lack a bit of initiative! Tileys of Bristol, excellent place to buy a car!
  5. jimmp

    jimmp Member

    this all sounds a bit scary...
  6. Alais DJA

    Alais DJA Member

    Um....no speedo in the car.

    How did it pass an MOT?
  7. Confusedofbristol

    Confusedofbristol New Member

    The issues are more annoying than scary. Speedo was fine, then they fixed an issue with the dash lighting but then seemingly forgot to reconnect the speedo!!

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