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newbie with a question

marknjayne Sep 10, 2011

  1. marknjayne

    marknjayne Member

    Firstly let me say hi,i bought a 3.2 A3 yesterday,stage 2 (milltek and map),bought it as Jayne decided she had enough of my skyline fetish so i had to loose both my weekend and daily to get just one car which was sort of a blend of the two...this is the skyline that i have just sold,not sold the astra yet but it should not be here for long...

    anyway when i was looking for an A3/S3 i wanted one with the tv/nav unit but this one was sooo good i took it and decided to get one later,have been wondering if these units are any good or just e-bay rubbish.

    also im wanting to run the 3.2 as far as i can without forced induction,im guessing cams,intake and another map should see close to 300 bhp (currently dyno'd at 263bhp)

    any help would be great :)

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