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newbie with a few S3 queries

scooby222 Oct 6, 2010

  1. scooby222

    scooby222 New Member

    hi there,well after 10 years of waiting ive finally got myself an 8l s3, an immaculate 72k mile 2001 in nogaro blue with matching interior and a few mods and so far im loving it :)
    so heres my queries -
    its got a milltek exhaust system, superchips remap,ecotek valve and a forge dump valve and its the last 2 that concern me, from running subarus aftermarket dump valves are a big no no with them are audis different? and what exactly does the ecotek do? should i leave these on or not?
    it pulls perfectly on vpower, no hesitation or flat spots though occasionally a high pitched squeal under acceleration

    as its still on the original suspension as far as i can tell id like to know whats recomended as a replacement for it,something thats an improvement but without becoming harsh, quite happy with the ride height as it is

    and finally the driver information system screen only shows half the lines meaning you cant read it - is there an easy fix?
    cheers in advance
  2. Dansmith

    Dansmith Member

  3. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Hi, and welcome, i would be more worried about the noise on acceleration, may be a clutch, or oil on the flywheel,

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