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Newbie, wheel allignment kinda question...

schwarmo Nov 16, 2007

  1. schwarmo

    schwarmo New Member

    Hey i have been reading posts for a while now but only just decided to join as i would like to ask for your expertise. i have an '04 a4 avant 1.9tdi and it is pulling to the left really bad, i have 4 brand new tyres on Audi 18' rims, i have taken the car to ABTech (on the advice of people posts) and the wheel allignments are fine (all four wheels checked nothing changed as all within limits but still charged £111!!!) but it still pulls to the left bad, i even have to hold the wheel off to the right to make it go in a straight line. Please if someone has any ideas or anyone had a similar problem please can you let me know as i really would like to be able to let go of the stearing wheel and not instantly head for the curb!!!!!!!!!!! it has only done this since a low speed collision which was only panel damage, if you think it could be related then please say but no smart ass comments saying well there is your problem without giving me an idea about what could be at fault. the chap at ABTech said it is because it is following the cambre of the road but it didn't do it before and i have friends with the same car with the same wheels and they do not have this problem.

    Many thanks
  2. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    I had this with my 1.9tdi, and had the alignment checked at 2 different places, both said it was perfect. Audi also said it was camber of the road. I changed to directional symetrical tyres and it cured the problem. I've noticed it very slightly on my 2.5tdi with assymetrical tyres, but it's perfect with directional symmetricals. Try get your hands on a set of wheels with directional symmetrical tyres to try out, see if it makes any difference.
  3. terrysingh

    terrysingh Member

    hello matey

    i have a simiular problem ages ago when i had my new rims fitted, had it tracked twice, second time round tho elite did a spec check and found the drivers wheel was sitting 5degrees back fromt the passangers side (fronts) which was causing a pull on the streering,

    turned out to be a knackered upper arm, it wasnt knocking or anything the bush was worn,

    i ended up swapping out both sides...problem sorted and the car rides better too.

    have your allignment guys check where the wheels are sitting in relation to each other. also check the tyre pressures too?
  4. schwarmo

    schwarmo New Member

    Cheers arthurfuxake for the reply i have just had 4 new goodyear eagle f1 gsd3 tyres fitted so am hoping it is not the tyres:notme: but i will swap them over with my mates S4's 19's.

    terrysingh i will get them to check for me as i am sure there is something wrong and that could well be it! the tyre pressures are fine as i have just had new tyres fitted to see if it was the cheap tyres which were causing this. might take it to Audi and get them to do a geometories test and see if everything is lined up.

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