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Newbie what to look for please help.

tricky1981 Jun 18, 2009

  1. tricky1981

    tricky1981 New Member

    Have currently got a workhorse pug 306 hdi which i should keep!!! I am currently looking for an Audi RS4 B5. Apart from service history is there anything I need to pay particular attention to when buying one of these fabulous Beasts Just taken the grin off my face after a test drive in one on saturday. Just found the money for the purchase won't be avaliable for about 6 weeks so not gonna rush into buying one. (inheritance). And is there any recommended insurers for these although had a quote for 580 only 250 more then the mundane 306.

    Thanks have found owners forums helpful and friendly in ther past, so I hope you can help.

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