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Newbie (very)

kydd2 Aug 20, 2003

  1. kydd2

    kydd2 New Member

    lol...i love the font ...actually wondering what it was?...ds highline?...or impact?....
  2. wleg

    wleg New Member

    I just purchased an A6 - From having looked around this and other sites, I think its a C5 model. To me it's a 1998, saloon, in Shiny Grey.

    So far, I've done my standard new car upgrades - PIAA's all round at the front, Silicon Wiper blades, Rainex on all glass and lenses. SE Bluetooth B2.

    I would like to put on a black mesh grill - with no logo. All ~I've found so far is a company called LLtek motorsports (USA based). Can anyone recommend anyone else ?

    I would also like to put in chrome pedals (in Mercedes speak they are called SLK Evolution style) - again, I need some ideas as to the best place to purchase.

    Will update my site soon with Audi pics, but here's some of the Merc (sorry to offend)




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