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Newbie trying to justify a B8 S4 Avant...

M9DBO Sep 12, 2012

  1. M9DBO

    M9DBO New Member

    So, hello!!

    I'm currently looking to come back to the Audi fold after a few years. I have been the owner of an S3 some years ago and an Audi A4 TDI 170 S Line (B7 i think) a few years back. I'm currently in a BMW 320d m Sport Saloon which was after a year in a 5dr R32. Now that I'm doing less miles again (about 100 miles per week commute) and the fact that I have a BIG need for an estate (a one year old Doberman!!) I'm thinking about a few options...

    1) An Audi Avant A4 2.0 TDI S Line, BE or Technik
    2) Audi A4 Avant 3.0 TDI S Line, BE or Technik
    3) Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI Sline, BE or Technik


    4) Audi Avant S4! (V6 not V8)

    Budget wise I'm looking at around £25,000 give or take. I have also considered an S3 Sportback but my darling wife said I'd look stupid in one because I'm 41. I kind of know where she's coming from, but the S3 is a bloody good option, but hey ho, she's mostly always right.

    Anyhow, I'm really struggling to find a decent S4 dedicated forum in the UK, seems to be loads of information state-side on the S4 but very little here.

    I guess economy is a BIT of a decision making factor, but given that I'll only be doing 400-500 miles each month, I was thinking it would be good to get back into something that's fun to drive (had some M3's in the past too).

    Any help, advice, pointers to some dedicated forms for the S4 would be very welcome.

    Thanks in advance, Michael.
  2. TripleD

    TripleD Audi S4 Avant Owner Team Mythos Audi S4

    Welcome to the forum!

    TBH with that many miles, then realistically a TDi would be a bad move as on average you need to be doing at least around 15,000 miles per year to make a diesel pay for itself. So I would look at the TFSI or the S4, both would be very nice cars.

    Obviously you can get a newer less mileage 2011/2012 2.0 TFSI or an older 2009 type reg S4 for the £25k budget, given the choice I'd love to go for the S4.
    I guess it's really down to personal preference, also don't discount the TFSI Dynamik's when your looking about.
  3. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    or the A6 in various flavours, as size wise the A4 avants boot is not that big really!
    it will swallow a doberman, but will be cramped!
  4. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team V8 Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic

    Eh tell her to go and have a word with herself. I've just turned 40 and bought a 2012 S3 in Ibis White 4 months ago. I cant understand why you feel the same way unless you've joined the flat cap and barbor jacket brigade and aged before your time. The S3 is a very understated car which never ceases to put a grin on my face especially when they've been tweaked.
  5. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Team Panther Audi S3

    41 too old for an S3, I'm 4 years past that, no chance am I getting a Nissan Micra in the near future lol!
    Seriously though, the boots not that big in the sportback so an A4 avant would be a more logical choice. If it was me, I would take the S4 followed by the 3.0TDi.
  6. Audi Dynamik

    Audi Dynamik Well-Known Member

    your mileage is a little low, i would get the s4 b8 avant if i were you , are you looking for any specific spec on your car ? have a look at this link.
    It seems to have a nice spec and is close to your budget.
    Your not too old for an s3 sportback tbh , they might be abit small for the dog though.
  7. longp2

    longp2 Active Member

    Your not too old for an S3, great car and the sport back gives a little bit more room. I have a 2012 S4 avant and use it to ferry my kids and 2 Labradors around in, the car mentioned above is a good car but is missing the Audi drive select, sports diff and leather.
    They are great cars and you'd get a nice one for £25k, used S4s vary greatly spec wise so my advice would be to decide what options you want and keep looking until he right one comes up. Must haves for me would be ADS, sport diff, leather and Nav, 19 inch alloys are nice to have and tend to make the car look better.
    Manual cars are in a higher tax bracket, I have an s-tronic and while I wanted a manual I have to say that I'm converted.
    Good luck with your search and check out RS246.com for more info.
  8. M9DBO

    M9DBO New Member


    Ah, I meant Dynamik not Technik!! Yeah, i guess you could tell the S4 was the car of choice for me too. Just worried that the claimed 30-ish MPG combined would be nearer 20 MPG!!. Thanks for the feedback!!


    Cheers, but i think the A6 would make me look like a pea-head and a bit lost inside it!!! plus a premium will be needed on my 25k budget I think!!. The Dobie isn't a huge one, 'she's' an average size ***** so she'll probably be just a nice fit. Think it would be a squeeze in an S3 Sportback though!

    [flat cap adjusted] I hear ya man!!

    I think I know how this is going to be played out. Ummmm...

    Yeah, I've seen that one. The dealer have three advertised on AT but when you click through to their website, none are listed on there!!?? But, that does look like the 'almost' perfect car!!

    Wow, thanks for that. Another vote for the S4!!! What kind of MPG do you get, real world? If I could get mid-high 20's on my daily 'town' commute of 22 miles round trip, I think I know what I'm doing this weekend!!! i'm deffo wanting the S-Tronic. Is the ADS really that good? I love my sounds, so what is the B&Q system like?

    Thanks for all of replies so far!! The thinking, research, surfing AT and trying to find S4 videos on YouTube continutes tonight, the wife thinks I'm really sad. Drooling over 'Car porn' always makes her eyes roll and I always get the cold shoulder for not giving her "as much attention as bloody cars" Ha ha ha.
  9. TripleD

    TripleD Audi S4 Avant Owner Team Mythos Audi S4

    lol that made me chuckle :laugh:
  10. M9DBO

    M9DBO New Member

    :salute: PMSL. it was getting late last night when I typed that!! Bloody funny that though!!!
  11. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Another near 40 yr old S3 owner, don't listen to women when it comes to cars, the majority of them think Peugeot's are 'nice little cars' (I rest my case).

    The S3 boot is hampered by Haldex rear diff robbing you of valuable boot depth, Sportback is better but not much, so A4 looks to be your choice. Drove the V6 in S5 the other week and engine was good, it's just such a big car against an S3 and as someone who doesn't have dogs or kids it felt big for 2 of us.
  12. TripleD

    TripleD Audi S4 Avant Owner Team Mythos Audi S4

    I did try the S3 sportback before getting the A4 (that's now gone in favour of a BMW)

    The boot is slightly bigger in the sportback version, but I didn't like having to take out and put in parcel shelf constantly. I've got a GSD x Utonagan, and he fitted fine in the boot, although the rake of the rear window mean he'd have to lay down more or have his headover the back seats.

    The A4 boot is nice and squared so lots of room for the dog, I LOVED the fact that you can take out the boot cover but leave the load screen/dog guard inplace. Would recommend a hatchbag to keep the boot carpet looking nice.
  13. Keef

    Keef Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S4

    Do it! Get the S4!!

    I had extended test drives in both the S4 & 3.0 Tdi.
    Don’t get me wrong my 3.0 with S-tronic is great - but i really wanted the S4.
    Price wise there wasn’t much in it - it came down to my millage and the fact the contribution finance offer is available on the S4
  14. Spr0cket

    Spr0cket Member

  15. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    Take at least 30% off the claimed mpg and youll be near enough.And women know f all about cars!!

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