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Newbie saying hi to all and looking for a s2

garv Feb 5, 2009

  1. garv

    garv New Member

    hi to all after about 4 weeks and some serious contenders i have the weapon of choice the s2 coupe i have chosen this car over r32 gtr skyline . c43 amg merc . m3 evo or t5r at the moment i have i 2000 clk so i will be looking to sell this to fund a s2 and mods. I was wondering if any one could help? how much work and what would the cost be to take a s2 up to 400bhp as that would be the bench mark i will be looking to get thanks garv.
  2. mattfinn

    mattfinn There ain't no party like an S-Club Party.

    Best place for info on these matey would be rs246.com. More model specific to the S and RS motors.
    400bhp would be easy to crack id say, and what a target to go for! Be sure to keep us updated once you have found one.
  3. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Hi Garv

    Place to go is www.s2forum.net

    I own 2 S2's with one at the moment nearly finished its power upgrade and in the 380-90 region

    Quite a big question with regard power

    For 400bhp
    RS2 Turbo (400bhp max)
    RS2 EM
    RS2 injectors 440lbs
    3" s/s exhaust system(less restriction the better)
    scat rods
    Remanufactered Clutch to with stand 500Nm + Torque
    RS2 IC or larger
    Full samco boost hosing
    Porsche 996/993 front brakes as you will need to be able to stop
    RS2 Airbox
    MRC remap or ECU Homefried by Paul Nugent of www.s2central.com

    The above MODS in cost region will be 3K at least then if you are not mechanically minded you have labour so add another 1.5k



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