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Newbie saying HELLO... and a quick question :-)

A1ps Apr 20, 2006

  1. ImS3ola

    ImS3ola Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Guys I think I may have found THE car. I need your advice please...

    Spec is as follows:
    52 Mettalic Nagaro (I didnt know they came in Mettalic - thought they were all pearl???)
    22,000 Mile
    Leccy roof :-DDD
    Alcantara (heated) :-DDD
    Sat Nav Plus (is this the TV version???)
    Parking sensors (for the missuz!!)
    No allu mirrors :-(( (but can be added after)

    Going for £17k

    Worth it???

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Just looking at the spec, it seems nice. The SatNav plus is the one with the TV - very rare and looks /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif. Mine's a September 2002 car with the same mileage - you need to ask when the Haldex oil, brake fluid and 2nd AVS service need to be done (or were done), as mine is due these soon. Heated seats aren't such a big deal with the alcantara as it doesn't get as cold as the leather.

    Imo, it's lacking the two main features that really make the S3 - alu wing mirrors, and the 18" RS4 style alloys. If you go for replicas, both these will set you back a further £1k.
  2. A1ps

    A1ps Member

    The alu mirrors can't be that much, can they??? I saw some alu covers on ebay for about £70. I was a touch surprised that this car with all its spec didnt have the alu mirrors!

    As for the wheels... I think I'll let the other half get used to the car first - let her scuff the wheels silly whilst parking, driving etc and then splash out on 19" RS4's :-D

    I read somewhere that even with the Sat nav plus you have to spend another £300 to make it TV equiped. I think I can live without for that sort of cash :)
  3. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    The alu mirrors on ebay are shiny plastic bling. OEM S3 ally mirrors are hefty aluminium things, polished but not as bling. Matt RS6 ones have to be the best looking IMO.

    Got mine on ebay for £200. OEMs off an S4.
  4. A1ps

    A1ps Member

    Yowsers wowsers!! £200 :-O

    Are the plastic cover thing ma jiggys good looking? Or do they look tacky?
  5. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    well, they look a bit like silver plastic... If you're going to retro-fit, then you really do want the real things - which will set you back a middle leg if you buy from a dealer, but about 100-150 off ebay.

    as for waiting for the new 8P S3, that may not be a bad idea - if just for lowering the prices of the existing 8L S3.

    However, I wouldn't expect prices to come down by much. The S3 is a cult car like your S2.. and hence will always be unique, and sought after.

    I really dont see what the hoo-haa is about the 8P S3 - all we've seen are pre-production night photos, and rumoured specifications...
  6. A1ps

    A1ps Member

    Madvw, I meant I almost went for the new golf R32. What a great car it is. But I really could not justify the £25k (minimum spec) - especially as I only drive weekends... and am about to buy a motorbike (suidical I know!!)

    As for the mirrors - I will wait to get a proper pair (like I've already bought this car :-D )

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