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Newbie questions!

c8hau Jun 23, 2008

  1. c8hau

    c8hau Member

    Hey guys, just put a deposit down on a lovely A3 S line 2.0T Quattro, thing is its already been mapped with a Superchips Bluefin. I haven't heard too much about these. Are they any good? The power figures seem conservative compared to Revo?

    I am looking to stick a full miltek on some kind of air filter, I would have liked to do these mods first but oh well, would it need mapping again?

    Cheers in advance guys!
  2. xs2man

    xs2man Member

    I wouldn't have thought so tbh. A small tweak would maybe be better, but it should run fine without it.

    The superchips bluefin is a quality product by all accounts, and superchips back up anything that Audi wont pay out on in a warranty issue. Its Superchips that map the VW racing team in the UK, so I think you'll be ok ;)

    As has been said many times on many threads, on many forums, its not the peak power delivered but the average over the range that makes the car quicker in the real world.
  3. d3fy

    d3fy Active Member

    I would not get too hung up on the fact that Revo pushes out a few bhp more, but then again i did make the choice to go with the bluefin. Its been debated on here many, many times and you will be abe to find loads of posts. For the me, been able to take the remap off when it was time for a service was a big plus.

    I was thinking of adding a Miltek myself, do you fancy a non resonated one?

    Will show you the bluefin on Saturday.
  4. c8hau

    c8hau Member

    Was sepaking to my mate Rich at Venom and he has a resonated full system on his R32, says its really loud, not sure if a non resonated system would be a good idea, it's going to be a daily!

    Might opt for the resonated full system as I would like to see some big power eventually ;-)

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