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Newbie questions

Spatulala Feb 22, 2008

  1. Spatulala

    Spatulala New Member


    Just got a new B7 Avant on 7 month contract. Had a new B7 (SE spec) in Jan 05 which went back last month, thought i'd get a short term one until I could see how the B8 fares.

    Mostly love the new one (S-Line much sexier, buit seats not as comfy), but because it's from stock I had to take the options that came with it, and have a couple of questions about the MMI thingy

    Has a voice button on the steering wheel, can this control the phone only or other functions as well? The Sat Nav seems a pig to enter destinations compared to my old Tom Tom (only 5 character postcodes, no touch screen).

    Does the SD card reader take higher capacity SDHC cards, or am I limited to 2GB on each one?

    I have a phone holder sticking out of the side of the centre console - what phones fit this? Would rather just take it off as my Razr V8 connects fine via BT, but only if its a doddle and easy to reattach when it goes back in September.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Cupramax

    Cupramax Uber pimp meister


    Voice control should work the phone, SD cards you can only use SD NOT SDHC. Maximum size is 4gb not 2gb but you're limited to a total of 512 files/folders. With the SD cards best get the faster cars i.e x100 or x133 as these will work better with large amounts of mp3''s.

    You'll probably need an adapter from Audi for the cradle, always thought its a bit of a pigs ear and unnecessary when the bluetooth really works well.

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