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newbie questions on scratch touch up / snow foam

McB Mar 22, 2012

  1. McB

    McB New Member

    Hi folks, newbie on the detailing here but have been an avid reader for last few weeks and picked up a few tips.

    I've picked up an Aruba Blue A4 Avant pre Christmas which I thought was in pretty good condition and was a car that I wanted to look after properly. I've started off cleaning properly with 2 bucket and getting some products slowly, so far have got some Valet Pro snow foam, citrus tar remover and Mazerna polish however Ive got a couple of questions.

    - Ive got the Karcher bottle attachment and tried with snow foam but cant seem to get the mix right, Ive tried all the way to neat product but the foam does not last and breaks down quickly. Is this down to the attachment or the flow? I dont seem to be getting the shaving foam type consistency that lasts 10 mins or so.

    - Some light scratches are starting to show through now after washing, a couple relatively deep. Are there any good guides or products for poslihing or touching up I should be looking for?

    Cheers in advance
  2. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    For thicker foam you'll need a proper HD lance. I used to have the Karcher bottle but now have an Autobrite HD lance and they are worlds apart. I'm using Valet Pro PH Neutral Snow Foam. You can see the difference in these clips where the guy used the same foam in different bottles:

    Karcher Snow- Karcher Bottle - YouTube

    HD Lance - YouTube

    For the scratches you have two choices: polish them out or hide them with a polish or glaze containing fillers. The Polished Bliss guides are a great start point:

    Car Care Advice | Detailing Advice | Polished Bliss
  3. McB

    McB New Member

    Cheers Scotty, that's exactly what's happening with Karcher bottle, one Ive got is a bit bigger with a flow control but I think it musnt suck air in as well to give it the volume like a proper lance . Oh well looks like I'll have to swap that one and spend some more.

    Will read up on the polishing guides, not done it before so thanks.

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