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newbie question re:remap

skyworm Apr 22, 2010

  1. skyworm

    skyworm New Member

    hi all,
    new to these forums, but not to driving :)
    have always been a bimmer fan and i have got one too...

    however, i wanted to try an audi, and recently got an A6 1.8T , year 2001. There are a few things I would like to know and I hope peeps here can answer these:
    - how much consumption should I be prepared with this car?
    - is it possible to get these cars remapped? if yes, then does it affect the economy at all?
    - has anyone had any problems with the dash lcd pixels? some are missing from mine..

    thanks a lot..i must say the car is a smooth drive, not driven it too much so far
  2. Welcome mate, not sure on all the questions but fairly sure you can remap the 1.8T to some serious power (have a search around the forum)
    Pixels on my display are fubar as well, i have seen a guide on here somewhere to possibly fix them but it does involve removing dials and some serious delicate stuff so i've learnt to live with mine!

    good luck
  3. bigfruit

    bigfruit New Member

    Hi Skyworm.
    That´s a good car to buy, so congratulations!
    As for the remapping. Do it! More power, more economy.
    The dash LCD has to be replaced, no other way. Google for it, you will find some topics and nice price for replacement
    ;-) Big
  4. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    Re-mapping cab be done at many engine tuners, power up from the 150bhp stock to 200-210bhp are average figures, tho depends on the age/mileage and condition of other prone parts, eg MAF etc

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