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Newbie Question: How to Confirm version of MMI & Nav

stonestokie Apr 22, 2014

  1. stonestokie

    stonestokie New Member


    Just joined the forum after getting my first Audi, just collected my 2014 A6 Avant Black Edition Ultra with the new S-Tronic box and 190BHP Diesel, have to say very impressed so far!.

    Quick Newbie question, within the MMI settings I can see a version option, but I am finding it hard to confirm the real version number, so I was wondering if anyone could confirm what this is?, I can then compare to ensure I have the latest!. I am sure I have being brand new, but thought I would check.

    Happy to post a screenshot of my version info screen if that helps?.

    Thanks again.

    Andy J.
  2. Jeeves

    Jeeves quattronly

    Hi Andy. Welcome.

    It's been a couple of days now and I've not seen anyone answer this for you - and I don't know the answer either.

    BUT - as I'm frequently up and down the M6, I'm happy to run a quick VCDS scan for you to see what that shows as I've always got my cable with me. (I'm sure someone will let us know if that won't reveal the info you're looking for).

    I'm guessing J15 or J14?
  3. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    Can't confirm the latest version, also you do not state whether you have the RMC or HDD version of the navigation system. However as your car can only have been built in the past 8 weeks (because it is an Ultra) you can be pretty certain that the navigation data version you have is the latest as that is what Audi will have loaded at the factory. Any updates that can be installed by the dealer (and all updates regardless of which version you have need the dealer to install as there is a factory verification process to make it work in your car) will typically lag what is being installed on the production line. Also it is unlikely you will find many folks on here or any other board who have a car with a more recent build than yours and thus a later version of the navigation. In fact you posting your version data might be of use to others in knowing what the latest version is!

    I have heard, but my dealer could not verify when I asked the other day, that audi is introducing a scheme where owners of cars with navigation will get free 6 monthly updates for the first 3 years of ownership. Maybe it is not yet in place, otherwise a the upgrade cost for the SD Card system is £170 and I am guessing that for the HDD system it will be more because of the greater volume of data and the large amount of time it will take to transfer the data on to the hard disk
  4. imran999

    imran999 New Member

    How long did your ultra take to come in? Was it a factory order?

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