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Newbie Purchase advice

westfield Feb 8, 2009

  1. westfield

    westfield New Member

    Never owned an Audi before, no stranger to the German marque though! Been to view a lovely Audi A4 2.0t FSI Quattro SLine. Any advice what to check/look out for.

    I am also interested in the tuning scene so any suggestions here also helpful.

  2. c4a5er

    c4a5er Member

    When i buy another car with leather i'll be wantin heated seats cos there flippin freezin on these cold mornings!
  3. jey

    jey Member

    just check everythin and have a good long test drive.

    whats the year miles etc?
  4. westfield

    westfield New Member

    It's a 55 plate. Done a fair few miles at 59K but reflected in the price plus you really cannot tell its done so many, guess mainly Motorway miles. Everything still feels tight. I have taken it for a small test drive and very quiet no whines. Also when pulling off cannot detect any take-up in the drivetrain. Like I say is a SLine Quattro, but no leather. Paint work is completely chip free. very small minor dent about 5mm in diameter under the line in the plastic bumper at the rear, which is kind of strange as it does have PDC fitted. not sure what standard options are but it has electric windows all round, dual climate control.

    P.S. it is a 6 speed manual. Never had 6 gears before! What the MPH per 1000 RPM on this?

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