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newbie pitching up for an intro

RS4Mev Sep 17, 2007

  1. RS4Mev

    RS4Mev New Member

    Hi All!

    Had a the current wheels (B5 RS Avant in stealth mode and a visit to MRC running now at approx 420 bhp) for over a year. new b7 daytona on order ( if the dealer pulls his finger out) much to the missus disgust ( sold the dog and kids but what the hell they only make a mess!!) Bumped into this site looked good. been a member on RS246.com for a while. Look forward to catching with you all soon I notice a few names on here.:icon_thumright:
  2. angryant

    angryant Member VCDS Map User

    Hello and welcome
    Did you get a good price for them ?
  3. RS4Mev

    RS4Mev New Member

    hahah thats a question Ive been banging around in my head for ages to be honest she's done over 103k now and had a few owners but still as solid and together as when she was born I love her dearly interior good and exterior Ok. Uograded brakes and remapped etc andI have been offered a reasonable price in PX for the B7 but as always could have waited out for a bit more private but I'm impatient... still waiting out for a delivery date so if some one offered me 16k for her now I'd probably take it..dealer given me 15k;)
  4. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    Hey Mev,

    Glad to see you made i over here. Not so great on the px for the B5, especially considering the discount the dealers are giving for NTI (got £3k off mine), but if it gets you into the B7 quicker its probably worth doing. Just about got my engine run-in now....

    Edit: - And yes, I'm another RS246er.
  5. RS4Mev

    RS4Mev New Member

    Hi Chris,

    yeah I think I remember those gorgeous photos I think was yours after that rather expensive detailing??/ Was it ?? Sweet, I really like that Sprint blue when its cleaned up if it was thinking of getting it done when mine new one arrives...... Scotland based though arnt they? Know of any down south that could do a mobile?

    I know what your saying about the price but to be honest its a fair trade to ask any more that 16k would not be a true reflection. As shes been a good work horse for me and done shed load of miles, moved house twice, 2 camping trips lots of dog runs, golf clubs etc etc this year ( albeit pleasant and quick !! ) Equally I got her quite cheap when i bought so not overly worried ..... I know some of them are going for 20k plus but to be honest most are low milage cars and spend a lot of time being pamered and stroked mine doesnt but the new one will !!!

    See you around:icon_thumright:

  6. Jampublic

    Jampublic Taking it easy..

    Hi Mev,

    £16k for an RS6, oh yeah there's hope for me yet! :)

    Welcome & enjoy!
  7. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Active Member

    Hello Mev and welcome to the site.
  8. petewon

    petewon Member

    Welcome Mev :thumbsup:
  9. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Hello and welcome. :greyrs4: :redrs4:

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