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Newbie needs help :)

anthony1989 Feb 16, 2010

  1. anthony1989

    anthony1989 New Member

    Right I became the owner of an 04REG Audi A3 2.0 TDI SLINE DSG nearly a week and a half ago
    Approx 58k on it and fully serviced by audi dealer...bought from a genuine guy and the car has been well looked after.

    All has been good EXCEPT: I have noticed while driving my car seems to rev on its own sometimes... now I know this sounds weird so let my try and explain...eg... on my way home from work tonight... cruisin...just over 70... (in DRIVE) I had cruise control[​IMG] on... and the revs just flick up, and then go back down, and then back up again, back down, back up, until I either speed up or slow down... but this also happens when not in cruise control... normally between 60-80 and the revs will flick up like the clutch engages and then disengages... i hope ive explained myself well enough... I have no lights on the dash that come up, nothing....

    I really hope someone can help because I have not just spent £8500 on my car for it to **** up after a week!

    Thanks for looking guys!

    took a video this morning to show you guys whats happening, im in cruise control at about 60


    but ive found its happening more often the more i drive and at slower speeds also
  2. 10blazin


    My revs were going up and down also but mine is a 2.0tfsi it turned out to be a faulty diverter valve and an air leek , Audi fixed it under warrenty and its been fine ever since
  3. anthony1989

    anthony1989 New Member

    how much would that of cost otherwise?

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