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Newbie needing advise (and lots of!) A6 2.5TDI

deviator Aug 26, 2010

  1. deviator

    deviator New Member


    I've just bought this car, 98 2.5 TDI A6, recently and need some help and advise re my list of problems.

    1. Front nearside headlight plastic is fogged over. Is this a new headlight time or will it polish out? If it's new/second hand one, where is the best place to buy?
    2. The coolant temp gauge in my car doesn't move. I suspect the sensor. Is there only one sensor for this? Or is there one for the gauge and one for the ECU? Again where is it in the bay and am I best buying OEM parts?
    3. The oil temp gauge seems optimistic, it sits just above 60 degrees when driving and rises to 80 in traffic. Is this normal? Or new sensor required?
    4. Air con doesn't work, I have been told it's the pressure sensor. Does this sound right?
    5. One of the rear electric windows doesn't work, not overly important. But I will get around to it. Any pointers here please. I suspect wiring from chassis to door.
    6. This is probably the most important one, I have a knocking coming from the front, also a wobble during driving. I am thinking possibly anti-roll bars or wishbones. Unless there is common fault with these?
    7. The brake warning sensor is on, although I've been assured it's got new discs and pads all around (I will be checking these!). I have been told it's just the sensor. I presume these are the same as most other cars and are a break away, earth sensor. Am I right? If so where do I get the sensor from?
    8. Which cable/software is best for the Audi's? I have an ELM327 at the moment, I think that can read the codes (not checked), but I suspect there is better specific kit out there.

    As you can see there are a lot of little niggles that I want to be addressing as I like my cars to run as they should. I'm an amatuer mechanic although I've never worked on an Audi before. I do have quite an extensive (home) tool kit, however any pointers for Audi specific tools would be gratefully recieved.

    I will be looking at tuning boxes/re-maps/exhausts and cruise control later. At the moment I want to work down the list of niggles, starting with number 6 and 7, as they seem the most important ones.

    I appreciate I've written a bit of a novel and I apologise for that. I just need some help!

    Thanks for reading this.


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