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Newbie mod questions

amicallef1991 Mar 22, 2013

  1. amicallef1991

    amicallef1991 Member

    Hi guys, got me an A3 1.9tdi se 130. Its got a few issues but im working on them now.

    My question is more towards Mods that are practically plug and play sort of thing.

    Im thinking like

    Cruise control
    full dis for trip computer
    upgraded steering wheel (maybe flat bottom or s3. Can the stereo control work?)
    S3 front and rear bumper (both bumpers are screwed anyway so is it a straight swap?)

    Also some buttons on my climate control/ stereo are worn out. Can this be fixed or does it need to be replaced?

    Thanks guys
  2. bigwhitetruck

    bigwhitetruck New Member

    the buttons are worn you can get an overlay kit

    S3 bumpers fit the is a how to on here but its dead striaght forward

    the dis and cruise can be done but not sure on parts prices or even how to?
    very little usefull info the guides i have found think that you have been coding vags all your life! rather than a newbie how to!

    so i will subscribe and how some one can point us in the right dirrection, althought i only want Dis already fitted the stalk hoping its compatablie
  3. Lemon S3

    Lemon S3 Alex

    Flat bottom steering wheels do fit but they're not as simple as plug and play, the airbag is an issue as it's wired up differently and I'm not sure if you can use the controls on it to control the radio. It does look cool though :rock:

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