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Newbie looking for an S3

turnstyle Sep 30, 2012

  1. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    Just joined.
    Currently looking to buy a good example S3 this week.

    Just sold my focus st and have until next weekend to find a nice one - thats when the new owner picks my car up!
    Looked at one with under 60k on the clocks yest that was just shy of 7k.... but had a rip in the drivers bolster!
    So walked away from that one.

    Focus was running around 320hp and 400ft/lb - but im not looking for anything like that on my next car.
    Besides without LSD most of that was un-useable in the wet!!! :blush:

    I take it mileage isnt such a big issue on these cars?
    The pricing is all over the place with some costing more than others despite having double the mileage...?


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