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newbie looking for advice on which audi

Siy Nov 16, 2005

  1. Siy

    Siy New Member

    Hello everybody... a newbie here. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum!

    I am venturing into audi ownership for the first time. I drive a BMW M5 (but willing to leave the dark side!)

    At the moment, my wife is expecting our second child, and hence needs to change her car for something bigger.

    She wants an estate, and we have always liked audi's.

    I don't want it to be underpowered.... and like toys onboard - as many as possible.

    Budget is only about £12k

    looking for advice on what we should look for ...A4/A6 (many differences??? - clearly an audi novice!)

    Would want to get something with mileage below 60,000 miles.

    Am I expecting too much - what do you guys think I could get?

    Thanks all in advance
  2. An A6 4.2 (300bhp & tiptronic box), A6 2.7 (230bhp twin turbo, with 6 spd manual or tiptronic) or best of all an S6 which has the (4.2 V8 and pushes out around 340bhp. manual and auto).

    the 4.2 and S6 (£12k plus, but more like £14-18k) are normally fully loaded with sat nav and electric everything.

    If you want something smaller go on the A4 B5 forum and ask about the S4. There is plenty of info about the car in previous posts but its a bit of a come down from an M5. Unless its an E34 M5 in which case you'll find the quality of the A4/S4 and A6/S6 very impressive.

    I dont know about the A6 but the A4 was facelifted in 1999 and the facelifted dash still looks fresh today. I'm sure the A6 was facelifted too.

    If I were you I'd go and test drive an A6 4.2. £12k will buy you a very good low mileage car with Full Audi Service History. If you can find an Avant (Estate) even better, as these hold their money well and are more desirable than the salon.

    Hope this helps,
  3. Siy

    Siy New Member

    Thanks Chriswt,

    I will indeed be looking for an estate (just learnt that this is called an Avant - thanks!)

    I will also be keeping the M5 (E39 - sadly not the new V10) as well as the Audi.... in 6 months to a year I may sell the M5 for a porka or something a bit more selfish!

    The Audi will then become the 'family car'

    Do all models come in Avant? Have to be honest, as my wife will be the main driver, I imagine the 2.7 will suffice...
  4. gizze

    gizze Member

    The 2.7T is a superb engine and will be alot of fun, you could look at allroads with the 2.7 Turbo too.

  5. If the Audi isn't a replacement for the M5 then a 2.8 would also be worth considering.

    Personally I'd say that for more secure and better handling go for a quattro. Most large engined Audi A4s and A6s could be bought with the quattro (4 wheel drive) option.

    the 2.8 V6 quattro has 193bhp and is a nice smooth and strong 5 valve per cylinder engine. Its probably the best all rounder with decent performance and running costs.

    The A4 Avant is a good car too and is a 3 series size car. It is quite small in the back for abult passengers though.
  6. Siy

    Siy New Member

    hmmm - food for thought.

    I am gonna go and take a look at a few on Saturday....

    1st decision is clearly A4 or A6. I seeme to be erring on the side of the A6, but I guess the missus will be the one to decide that.

    Is it fair to say that an eqivalent A6 will cost more than an A4?

    definitely want petrol - what about gear boxes?

    there is manual or auto, and also tiptronic?

    Is the tiptronic a good tiptronic?

    thanks again
  7. I had an A4 2.8 Quattro with tiptronic and the gearbox is very good and I would definately recommend it.

    Manual is better for keen drivers of course, but the tiptronic is smooth, quick and learns the style of your driving which works well. The gearbox also wont let you over rev the engine or strain the engine, even in manual mode.

    Some A4's and A6's have tiptronic buttons on the steering wheel which is a nice touch too.

    I'm sure I've read somewhere when I was researching before I bought my A4 that the 2.4 V6 (170bhp) is best avoided and don't buy a 2.8 unless its a quattro.

    If you go down the A4 route you may find that 12k will get you a decent B6 (replacement to the B5) A4 which came out in 2001 I think.

    The 1.8 turbo engine is also worth considering. 150bhp in 2wd form or 180bhp as a quattro. I'd only consider the 1.8 if I were buying an A4.

    If you got anymore questions, please feel free to ask.
  8. chazzy

    chazzy Member

    Hi, I'll add my two penny worth.. Had a similar decision to yours when i bought my A4,(but not from an M5) I put mt budget into autotrader and set the search word to Avant (no A3 avants) set the dsitance to 100 miles to get an idea for range and prices. Both A4 and A6 can be similar prices, A6 more expensive new but more deprec. decided A6 was too big for my needs, plus maytbe a little heavy for the 1.9 litre diesel i wanted.
    Definately happy with my choice.
  9. Siy

    Siy New Member

    guys - really appreciate all this advice - It is so difficult when you come to a new marque, knowing very little - apologies if my questions are a bit basic.

    will take a look at some stuff Saturday - and no doubt report back Monday with a LOT of questions!!!

    cheers all
  10. I might be moving over to an E46 3 series or E39 5 series BMW and so I know how difficult it can be.

    Getting to specs, model years and general pros and cons takes ages.
  11. mickey_a6

    mickey_a6 Member


    Although I have an A6 1.9TDI saloon and you want petrol Avant, the following generic advice might be helpful as I drove a lot of A4s and A6s before deciding.

    1. The Sport spec is the one to go for IMHO - a) the SE wallows far too much and b) the seats are exceptionally comfortable. Although the Sport suspension might seem a little hard at first, you do get used to it and it totally transforms the handling of car - Quattro is also what to go for (a 2.5 TDIQ was beyond my budget), but will be std in the engine sizes you're looking at

    2. If you go for manual, a 6-speed is preferable.

    3. The A4 is a very nice car in Avant, but a bit too cramped in the interior - A6 is far more roomy.

    4. BOSE stereo upgrade is certainly worth seeking out.

    5. Try a diesel - you might be surprised. I certainly was and bought one!

    Hope this helps - good luck!
  12. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    ^^^^^^^ Yes i too would love the 2.5tdi but could only afford 1.9tdi a6 and is a much stronger than the petrol eqivilant.

    Try a diesel efficient and powerful!
  13. mickey_a6

    mickey_a6 Member

    So, are you going to put us out of our misery and tell us what you bought??

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