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Newbie just ordered A6 IPhone 5 connectivity help

Loiner Nov 23, 2013

  1. Loiner

    Loiner New Member

    Just ordered A6 S Line with Tech pack Heated seats and ambient lighting. Delivery Feb

    I have an iPhone 5S and I'm not sure on how to connect (cable & or BT)?

    Can I get google earth with the 5?
  2. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    Hi Loiner, your car is a C7 chassis and this forum is for the previous generation C6 chassis.

    Regarding your question (I have a C7 Avant and an iPhone 5) all is good. The phone will connect over Bluetooth with no problem and your call lists and contact lists will copy over as well/ Tech Pack also gives your phone prep high and Audi Connect. Audi do now do a cradle for the iPhone 5 to slot into the armrest, however the iPhone does not provide any phone connectivity via the Lightening port so you cannot use the can phone aerial nor does it support rSAP so the can cannot "grab" the phone and connect it via the inbuilt phone module. Despite what I have just written one person who has the iPhone 5 cradle has reported improved signal strength leading some to suggest that the cradle has some form of inductive loop in it to create an enhanced aerial connection but that has not been confirmed. In the arm rest there is also a 12v socket which you can use for charging if necessary

    Tech Pack also gives you Audi Connect. On cars prior to the current model year (from mid-May 13 onwards) it was a really clunky solution for those with iPhone or other phones that do not support rSAP because Audi Connect could not use the phone for the data connection and if you put a SIM card in the dash slot you could not have a phone connected via Bluetooth at the same time. For this model year they corrected this error and it is now possible to have a SIM in the dash slot to give you a data connection and also have a phone connected via Bluetooth for voice calls, you just configure it in the Phone settings menu in the MMI system. The popular choice for the dash SIM seems to be a SIM only PAYG deal from Three from Amazon with 12GB for 12 months costing £55. As you have an iPhone you will need an in-dash SIM for things like Google Earth.

    You will also get Audi Music Interface with the Tech Pack. Audi has yet to release an AMI lead for the Lightening connector so you will need to use a 30pin to Lightening adaptor. This has to be the Apple one and not some cheap imitation as the Apple one has an Analogue Digital chip in it r=to allow audio to transfer. Using the cheap one will only allow charging to happen. With this set up Album Artwork will display on the large MMI screen when you are playing Audi, providing you use the Red Collar lead (make sure you get this lead rather than the Blue one when you get the car, unless you want to use a non-iOS iPod (except for the iPod Nano 6G which will work) in which case you will need the Blue lead. You will also get a USB lead which you can use to attach a non-apple phone or a hard disk with data. Also with this lead and if you use an old iOS device with the 30-pin connector you can also play video (added to the device via iTunes) on the MMI screen when the car is stationary and even stream video if you (on the iDevice start to stream a video and then switch to another app ( e.g. iPlayer). Driving the car disables this (still get the audio) unless you use VCDS to enable Video in Motion.

    In addition there are two SD card slots in the dash and you can use these for audio or video. You can also stream audio over bluetooth from your phone but the control from the car is simply play, pause next and previous track. Selecting the album or playlist has to be done from the phone itself, so it is a bit clunky.

    Apologies for the lengthy response but thought it easiest to try and answer all of you questions and potential questions in one go.
  3. Loiner

    Loiner New Member

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply I really appreciate your help.

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