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Newbie - info please!

R1 GOOD Apr 30, 2011

  1. R1 GOOD

    R1 GOOD New Member

    I'm thinking about an 2008 RS6 Avant.
    Any owner experiences would be much appreciated.
    I tried one at an Audi dealer on thursday and I was very impressed. Smooth, very quiet, excellent body control and traction over bad back roads even when accelerating as hard as it would go with the suspension in the "comfort" setting.
    How reliable are all the electrical gizmos?
    Any reliability issues or things to check?
    Tank range is important as I love remote parts of Scotland - my current car is great fun up there but only has a 50 litre tank and needs Vpower or superplus so any journeys have to be planned around petrol stations! Does the RS6 need high octane fuel?
    What sort of price do they sell for?
    Thanks in anticipation

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