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Newbie in my A3 TDI Quattro Sport

Q-spot Dec 17, 2011

  1. Q-spot

    Q-spot Member

    Quick introduction for me, have made the move from VW to Audi again, and I'm back finding my feet on the forum front.

    Been having a read of some of the recent posts, and most seem to be Petrol users so I hope I'm not dirtying the forum with my oiler.

    Anyway I have owned my A3 TDI Quattro Sport for some 4 months now, and am very happy with it, but the bug to start mildly tweaking it to my needs :sly:.

    I really wanted to buy an S3 but unfortunatly and young family and 50mile commute stopped me for the time being(still want a S3, will have a S3!! one day).

    The wife had an A4 Avant TDi Quattro Sport up until last year, but thats being replaced with a 7 seater, and I had to part with my Polo G40 (of 5 years to gain the A3).

    So thats me,

    I'm in the Bridgend Area of South Wales.


  2. TDIQ

    TDIQ 8L > 8P > 8V


    What mods you done so far? Remap?
  3. Kave

    Kave Member

    Welcome to the club mate.

    Nice car history. Epic car choice on the a3 tdi quatty.

    Before you do anything else, do a complete service. Oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter, haldex oil and filter, gearbox oil, rear diff oil.

    If I were to give you one piece of advice for your pd130, stick to 505.01 spec oil and do religious 10k changes.
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  4. Q-spot

    Q-spot Member

    Thanks for the welcomes, and advice on oil changes etc(will take that on board), I'm lucky that the previous owner is/was a VW/Audi fitter at the local main dealer, so he made a point telling me the importance of doing the haldex and diff services and that he'd done them twice in the last 18 months he'd owned the car.
    Tuning wise I will be looking at a suitible remap, but would first like to ensure the basics are all in good order including making sure the intercooler is getting the best airflow as it seems a bit clostraphobic in around the wheel arch and the fog light sits right in the flow.

    Next few jobs will be more essential stuff, as the front track control arm bushes look like they've seen better days, and I have heavy wear on OSR tire, so not established if its a worn bush issue or purely some tracking adjustment(is it adjustable? stuff I need to learn).

    Thank for the car history remark, full 20 year history as follows(look away if your easily offended:blush:);

    -Mini Mayfair (first car everyone should have one)
    -Rover 213s (don't ask, it was cheap)
    -Fiat Strada 130TC Abarth (like hens teeth now, wish I'd kept it a bit longer great car at age 19, all those ford XR boys didn't have a looking)
    -Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.3
    -Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.6 (my first brand new car)
    -Porsche 928s2 (Sold last year done nearly 9yrs with it, daily drive for the first 2 years then bought a house, so it sat in garage for the next 7yrs)
    -Polo Coupe 'S'(like I said just bought a house, but it sowed the seed for the G40 later)
    -Civic Type R (my 2nd and last brand new car, great car when you learn to rag it properly, shame Honda were tossers when it burst into flames on me, will never deal with them again)
    -Polo G40 (cos I needed to) Wife had the A4 Avant to complement it on the drive, good days but soon ran out of baby seats.
    -Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Limited (?????? Cheap implus buy on ebay while I was looking for the Polo's successor, sevred me well in snow last year, but even with LPG it was far to expensive to run and repair and never a serious purchase but got the big 4x4 thing out of my system, though I was bizarrly fond of it).

    -At last my A3 TDI Quattro Sport, feels like I back in a car for the long term again. So there we go, its in gunmetal grey (same as my G40) with full black leather, sitting on 17" Audi Sport 5 Spokes(sorry don't know the alloy names yet).

    So thats about me on 4 wheels (also have a 2 wheel affair but thats not for this post).

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