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Newbie in Leeds, West Yorkshire...

ste.B Mar 12, 2011

  1. ste.B

    ste.B New Member

    Hey all...

    So, I'm finally here after thinking I'd never make it following the engine in my 2001 audi s3 going bang on the way down from Edinburgh (where I bought it - btw I would like to slam the guys at MVM Performance into the ground after falsely stating the car came with a 6month / 1100 mile warranty because when I rang them to inform them of the issue the manager was 'conveniently' out on test drives whenever I rang back - I will probably dedicate an entire thread to the idiots there, can we do this? name and shame dodgy car dealers???!)

    The problem was that the oil pump was clogged with **** (including flaked gold - I'm told from the piston shells) so I was, for 6 months, stuck with what essentially was an ornament!!! There was no other option but to have a new lump installed which the guys at VA Autos in Leeds (excellent audi specialist btw) fitted for me at a very reasonable price... I eventually got some luck here too as, after carefully considering the purchase of a used engine out of a write-off, the guy who owns VA Autos just happened to have a brand new 1.8T which he was going to put in a VW Sharan - for some strange reason!!! The engine is now fitted and well and truly bedded in, 9000 miles and 3 oil changes later..

    I'm looking after the car which when all said and done is beautiful!!! It's metalic blue with cream interior and it has 18" RSTT Replica Alloys on it (which will be replaced as soon as I have the cash). It has also been slightly lowered and has chrome mirrors on it. I have only had shell Optimax running through the new engine and to be honest it feels as solid as a rock..

    Anyhow, that's me - I will probably put some pics up next time I clean it...

    Nice to meet you all!!!

    Steve :sm4:
  2. a4 cabrio

    a4 cabrio Member

    welcome mate, sorry to hear about your engine problems when you bought the car. glad your up and running now, enjoy
  3. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    hi & welcome to asn! get some pics up!

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