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Newbie, hopefully buying a 52 plate 2.5tdi quattro

motosparkz Sep 20, 2007

  1. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member

    Hi peeps.

    Just thought I would say hi. Hopefully going for a second look at a 52 plate 2.5tdi Quattro SE this saturday, so may be joining your gang soon:)

    Is there anything that needs a special look. Basically it has 96k, with FASH, & has wanted for nothing. I know the guy who has owned it from new, (albeit in a company car style), but he has been good to it, & it has wanted for nothing.

    It has 17"s, leather, sunroof, cruise & the 6cd in dash player, but with a bit of know how I will trick it out with as many electrical toys as I can. RNS-e with bluetooth & heated seats will be first. I can't remember if it has the DIS style display, (although doesn't have DIS), so not sure how I will get on there, but we will see. Rear screens & vid in motion will be next. BTW, can these units be software modded to run video in motion, or do they need hardware.

    Has anyone upgraded to the Bose system. I have never heard std or Bose, so have nothing to compare. Is it a worthwhile mod, or would aftermarket kit be a better option. I know the Bose speakers run at low impedance, so obviously need these as well. I am not afraid of stripping things out, in fact it keeps the old brain cells working:jump:

    Anyways, hopefully it will be alright, so may join your clan soon. Cheers for any replies,

    Shane, (York)
  2. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    Got my Audi A4 2.5TDi Avant Quattro Sport from Audi in York about 6 months ago, with 24K on it....basically it came fully loaded with leccy heated black leather seats, heated folding door mirrors, 4 electric windows, dipping rear view mirror, leather, cruise, DIS, colour coded painted lower body kit, Bose with double DIN Symphony, DIS, interior lighting pack, xenons, headlight washers, rear parking sensors, 18" cross spoke alloys.

    All I have done is fit 18" RS6 replicas, RNS-e & Glovebox CD Changer. The RNS-e is a cracking upgrade (and incredibly easy to do) and gives much better sound quality than the original symphony.

    Fab motor, i am more than pleased with it....averages about 34mpg on stop start motoring, but then I dont thrash it. Will take it on a round trip to Edinburgh soon which is 400 miles....(wonder what it will do mpg wise on a run).

    In sport mode its still wallows far to much around bends, and due to the weight of the V6 lump, it does understeer....so I will, next year, fit the RS4 Anti Roll bar, not sure about the SE, as the SE body rides higher than the sport model.
    When driving the car with the wiondows closed you will not be able to tell its a diesel.......very quiet comfortable cruiser !

    Before you buy, make sure cambelt was changed at 80K miles - as this is quite an expensive job if done at an Audi Dealer, not as much at a specialist.....retrofit of heated seats sounds very expensive, unless you get the seats from a breakers....you will still have to wire in the controllers (which form part of the aircon control unit below the 6 CD in dash radio cassette player - prob by the sound of it a double DIN symphony)...on the SE model, DIS and Cruise were standard fit options....

    Other than that enjoy it !
  3. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member

    Hiya JohnboyC,

    Cheers for the reply fella, but come on, you must want to sell me one of your DIS systems if the one I'm off to see this morning doesn't have it. Two in your spec sheet, thats being greedy:p

    Your car sounds my sort of spec!!

    The car has had FASH, & the cambelt done at 80k. The heated seat pads will probably end up being a quality aftermarket kit, which I hope to wire into a std climate control unit if I can get one. A bit of a cheat, but heyho. The car has Cruise, but I'm sure the guy said it doesn't have DIS, but we will see.

    Lowering springs, & an RS4 ARB are on the list as well.

    Cheers again for the reply, & I will let you know the outcome when we see it again today.

    Shane, (York)

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