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Newbie here, just a quick hello

mo_mo Jan 17, 2010

  1. mo_mo

    mo_mo A4 SE S line 2.0T FSI

    hi just joined and wanted to say ive seen alot of good info and knowledge on this site, am also a member @ vwAudi forum but it doesnt seem to have as much info on the audi's then here, i currently have a 2006 A4 SE S line 2.0T FSI and luvin it, i do have 2 small problems though, 1st front drivers side indicator bulb wont work ive tried changing the bulb and holder but no joy, 2nd when headlights are off and i use the full beem both xenon bulbs work but when my lights are on only the passengers side works and i get an error inside on the display, any help would be appreciated

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