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newbie from the east midlands

stis Jan 30, 2012

  1. stis

    stis New Member

    Hello Audi-Sport.net

    i'm Jack, I've just turned 22 and i've decided to sell up on my current car and get an Audi A4 - i thought i'd join the forum, say hello and maybe get some advice.

    the first question, i want to get a diesel engine with a nice bit of power, but also i dont want to spend a ridiculous amount on fuel, would people suggest the pd170? or go for the 3.0 V6 diesel?

    also - i want the newest shape (not sure of the chassis number) but is it possible to fit the S4 lights from the same model (the LED ones)

    here's my current daily:

    which obviously now is up for sale if anyones interested ;)

    cheers, and so far its been

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