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Newbie from Scotland

red-sline Nov 1, 2013

  1. red-sline

    red-sline New Member

    Hi im from west lothian. Have owned an audi before silver tt 225. Owned alot of cars and like to slightly modify them.
    The best car I had was my red evo 8 but running costs are ridiculous so bought a focus st which wasnt any better lol
    The a3 is my second diesel car but really want to keep this one. Im alittle disappointed since buying it. Was all sworn to be mechanically sound from an older man, to find out

    Cooling fans burnt out and kept staying on so need new fans.

    Turbo vains sticking and a whine comes from turbo on acceleration

    Down pipe a mess covered in some sort of silicon :(

    Rumbling noise coming from rear tyre im sure.

    Needs engine mount and battery.

    List will probably get longer as I put it in to garage for full check over.

    So far iv had front bumper painted and full machine polish. Iv never seen a bumper so bad.

    Hopefully have car all sound before I start to change bits.
  2. herbie

    herbie Member


    Hope you sort your cars niggles out.

    Even if sellers seem older and more mature, when it comes to buying a car I dont trust anyone lol

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