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newbie from preston

:: blade :: Sep 23, 2013

  1. :: blade ::

    :: blade :: Active Member

    hi all new to the site, bought my car this afternoon, 1st audi ive owned, and so far soo good :) its the 2003 S3 1.8t, 1 owner from new and full service history, down side its got 145k, but it pulls well and there no bad noises coming from the engine, so far im happy with it :) only bought it as my celicas engine has just died on me and needed a car while i sorted it, wasnt going to do anything to this but ive decided against that :), only thing i need to do it give it a good clean and get the front and rear bumpers painted and sort the doors out as there abit iffy (think the mechs are sticking), will get some pics up asap :)

    things i shall be getting

    new wheels
    forge 007p dump valve
    pipercross panel filter
    and a stainless exhaust.

    that will be it till i want to get a remap and up the power on it

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