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Newbie - Few Questions.

HSerce Oct 11, 2009

  1. HSerce

    HSerce Member

    Hi, i brought my S3 about 2months ago and iv been looking up on this forum for a good few months as well...

    Iv got a,
    '07 S3 - Phantom Black
    Leather/Alacantara Seats
    RNS-e Nav.
    Bluetooth Phone System
    Heated Seats
    Acoustic Parking
    Bi-Xenon's + DRL

    Thats all i can remember, the only MOD i have done for now is Forge Blow Off adaptor, but iv got more on the list..

    The mods i want to do is.
    - Milltek Catback Resonated Twin 80mm Jet
    - eMaps Remap - 310bhp
    - FBSW - Looking for a TT/S3 breaking
    - Armrest - eBay
    - Carbonio CAI - ill get that after the exhaust
    - Refurb wheels to Black...

    Thats about it but im really happy with the S3 wiked car i have had all sort's but this is my best car iv every had...
    I p/x'd it with a Rx8 by the way..

    my question's are....

    * Iv got iPhone 3GS and it dont connect properly like it did with my nokia 6500??? - Do i need to get the Cardle?
    And how do you get the phonebook and dialled numbers things to work?

    * Do all S3's sound like a little bit of a diesel?

    * How do i do the coming home leaving home lights thing to work?
    I havnt got VAGCOM or the Cable? is there anyone that could come and do it for me i can pay them? - Live in Immingham/Lincolnshire??

    Thats all folks...
  2. S.

    S. Save the manuals Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Manual

    good job :icon_thumright:
    yes, all s3's sound like a diesel, exhaust and proper intake can help a bit.
    as for mods you should rather go for turboback exhaust than cat back, because oem downpipe is restrictive, and the catback isn't worth alone IMHO.
    also think you should go for a proper intake like itg, forge, dbilas or evoms rather than carbonio which i think isn't any improvement to the oem intake.
    cheers :beerchug:

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