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Newbie ,coupe 20v quattro

dovboy Dec 20, 2006

  1. dovboy

    dovboy New Member

    hello all,new to the world of audi ownership but i have driven them in the past(85 audi 80 sport,85 90 quattro and a 10v 87 tq).i have bought an coupe 20v quattro for the winter and the track but it has a few problems i have to sort out first! most i can handle but i do have a quick question maybe one of you longtime owners might know,it doesnt want to start strait away when cold but if you stick with it after about 5 mins of trying it starts,any ideas?
    one thing i will say is you cant beat the sound of the 5 cyl! maybe this is not as loud as the tq i had a go in when i was younger but it still rocks!!

    i also own a 500+ bhp saff cosworth so i am used to having little problems with older cars!!
  2. S2Avant

    S2Avant Member

    Anyone near you with VAGCOM?
    They can pull the fault codes off it for you stright away.

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