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Newbie buying advice A4 quattro 150bhp

ei2gfb Jul 28, 2013

  1. ei2gfb

    ei2gfb Member

    ive always loved my vag cars used to have a leon mk1 diesel and foolishly sold it for a Toyota auris now gone, so im looking now at an a4 petrol 1.8t, i have my eye on a 2002 a4 quattro 150bhp with full service history main dealer and belt done at 70k, as car now stands has 116k on it, if i do buy is there anything i need to look out for or common issues that i can identify and maybe use as a bargaining tool, i was hoping to get a vag specialist to do a full service including plug, change out the diff and transmission oil etc would there be anything else worth getting chanced while im at it?

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