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Newbie Audi Servicing question

CJA318T Apr 20, 2007

  1. CJA318T

    CJA318T Member


    Just thinking...My 2001 A3 1.8T came with a 3month warranty from the dealer (about 2months left). It's just over 78K on the clock so i'm guessing that i should start saving towards the 80K service.

    I'm keen to get my money's worth with the warranty so is it worth me checking out things like cambelt, and water pump and try blagging a free change under warranty before my warranty runs out? What other things should i be looking out for at 80K?

    This is my first turbo, infact my first decent car (1.1L 206 and Volvo's previously!!) so i'm not massively mechanically minded. Somedays the car feels great, somedays it feels just a bit sluggish. Somedays i swear the turbo doesn't sound quite right, somedays it just purrs! Is it worth me checking on a vag com unit for faults and get them sorted under warranty or will that be opening a can of worms (or am i being a car hypochrondriac?!)?
    Any thoughts anyone?

    Cheers all, CJ

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