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Newbie...Audi A3 1.6

k84 Jul 5, 2009

  1. k84

    k84 New Member

    Hi there forum people!

    Im new here so please, be gentle

    After months of looking for a car around the £15k mark I, well my better half, decided to go for the 1.6 A3 standard with the technik upgrade.

    Anyway - we were in our local dealers and were given a delivery date of end of November! The was too far away so they said that they were due a few cars in and could get us one for the start of August.

    I got a letter in today saying that it will be build week starting tomorrow - when can I expect to take the car?

    Does anyone know if this will be a MY09 or MY10? and why Im able to get it so 'early'? Im assuming that most of the people ordering are looking for a '59 plate' car but is that correct?

    Does anyone have any pictures of the inside cab + dash of this model? Ive been looking and cant find any - all the pictures seem to be the sport or SE model.

    The reason im asking on here is to be honest the dealer was possibly one of the most unhelpful ive met. There was no offer to test drive, no offer to see the car, no offer of anything really. Unfortunatley this is the nearest dealer for a fair distance :( He said there was no way to tell if it would be my09 or my10 - is that right? i made it clear i thought he was talkin ****. lol.

    I was shown the 1.4 turbo model and told "the inside is exactly the same" however I pointed out that the 1.4 wasnt "exactly the same inside" and pointed out the differences. I wouldnt have minded so much but he was showing me things that dont come with the car i ordered.

    Anyhow, just thought I would ask a few questions and share my experience. It seems a great place on here to get/share inf

  2. A2!

    A2! Member

    If you take it in august you'll be getting an 09 plate, take it in November and it will be a 59 plate. Tbh I wouldn't buy a car unless they have let me had a test drive of a car with the same engine and spec. I wouldn't be too bothered about the interior on the standard model as its just cloth and they all look the same in my opinion but a test drive of at least a 1.6 is minimum. Audi near me were absoloutly useless when I wanted a car, lucky there was another one a bit further down the road.
  3. k84

    k84 New Member

    Thanks A2!,

    Do you think it would be an MY09 or MY10? Are there any differences with the standard model in the 09/10?

  4. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    I too would have wanted a test drive at least. Depending on your current or last car you might find the 1.6 a bit underpowered for the size of car.
  5. Igdos

    Igdos Member


    Anything built at this time would be MY10.

    MY10 changes were mainly changes to various options - for the standard model pretty sure it's as you were.
  6. AuldReekie

    AuldReekie Member


    That sounds like really poor experience, maybe you should let others know in the dealership forum.

    One of the mods 'H5DJR' is really good on the Audi build dates, keep an eye out for him logging on. Irrespective how many weeks it takes to build/be delivered I would be wanting that on a '59 plate this close to 1st Sep for a new build.

    I was looking for some interior shots for you, but couldn't find any. BUT, I did find a picture of what I can only assume is one of NHN's old projects:


  7. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Blimey, spending 15k on a car you havent even drove or even seen the interior of? No wonder they treated like you like that :rolleyes:
  8. k84

    k84 New Member

    Hi folks,

    thank you for the replies. I wasnt too fussed on a test drive but the offer would have been nice.

    It will be a bit more powerful than my last car(1.2 :redface:) but i drive a veriety of cars in work that are 1.6 or 1.8l.

    Im hoping that it is delayed slightly (3 weeks) so as it is a '59' plate but cant really see the dealer being up for that.

    Id have loved an S3 but unfortunetly my buget only went as far as what i paid for the A3.

    I take it there is no difference to the shape from 09 to 10?

    Ive tried looking for some photos of the interior but cant find any.lol.

    In any event, im dying to take possesion of my new car :) from reviews and from reading what people have to say on here the car is pretty decent.

    Anybody got the bose speakers in the car that can comment on how good/bad they are?

  9. Flibble

    Flibble Active Member Team Estoril

    The A3 is quite a heavy car, so may feel pretty sluggish with the 1.6 - I'd have gone for the 1.4T personally (bit more to buy, but cheaper to run).

    I have the Bose speaker option in my car (should be the same, assuming it's not changed recently). Sound is decent, if a little OTT on the bass. Can crank it plenty loud without distortion.

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