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Newbie after advice please

-WAYNE- Oct 2, 2009

  1. -WAYNE-

    -WAYNE- New Member

    Hi all,

    My name is wayne and i thought i would introduce myself and tell you what i am planning on doing so i would appreciate lots of help and advice please.

    Currently i own a 52 plate bmw m3 fully loaded with thousands spent on mods, as i family man ive decided to sell the m3 over the next few weeks due to very exspensive running costs but also its a little sporty for me now and could do with a 4 door car.

    I will be looking to buy a good A4 (hopefully a S4) if funds allow because i am hoping and would exspect around £14,000 for my m3 but i only want to spend around £10,000 on a new car, hopefully even less, as i will be moding the audi tastfully

    As you can probally guess i am into fast and powerfull cars and i know that an A4 OR S4 is not going to be even close to my 380bhp beast, but i would still like to have something quick. My budget will not run to a RS4 which would have been ideal so basically i am after your opinions on what car i should get based on the info i have told you.

    I have never owned an audi before so i do not know what model is better than another, or what is quicker ect ect so all help welcome. Going from my fully loaded m3 i would want full electrics, a/c, leather seats ect the full works really and i have seen a few A4 turbos but they are only 180bhp or something. I am guessing depending on the model i can get a car between 03-05 maybe 06, so advice please......

    Hope to get too know some of you alot better. here is a pic of my current motor.

    Just to add, maybe their are other models that dont come to mind so i am open to ideas, ive done the ford and vauxhall thing so i think from bmw, audi would be a good choice........
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