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Newbie advice!

Discussion in 'A3/S3/Sportback (8P Chassis)' started by Discobaseline, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Discobaseline

    Discobaseline New Member

    Apr 27, 2007
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    Guys, fantastic forum!

    I signed up yesterday after deciding to get myself an A3 through my my scheme at work. Basically, im opting out and taking the cash which gives me a budget of 20k for a year old A3, 16 for an '05, 13k for an '04. Ive test driven a 2.0 TDi 140 Sport and was really impressed (currently I drive a 56 Zafira 1.8 Sri, so everything seems impress imo!).

    Anyway, ive noticed that in 05 the grills changed to a single piece, and was wondering if I could by a 2004 S Line and update the front?

    With the above budget (and as im 24, work will only pay my insurance upto group 12, so no 2.0 TDi 170!), which model/year would people recommend?

    Also, im considering getting the Nav retro fitted as many have done, but are there any other 'essentials' I should be looking for??


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  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member
    VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Jan 23, 2003
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Changing the front grill is a little more than just changing the grill. I think a new bonnet may be required.

    I would go for an 05 if possible. I now have a 2007 2.0TDI-170 Sportaback but my previous car was a 2.0TDI-140 3-door which I had for nearly 3 years and 36,000 miles. Great car.

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