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Newbie A3 sportback 2.0t owner(pics)

a3skins Nov 13, 2011

  1. a3skins

    a3skins New Member

    Hi all been searching around on this forum for the last month and gained some good knowledge already, Ive recently picked up a 2005 sportback 2.0t DSG. Always been a massive BMW enthusiast and just sold my 2004 M3 convertible which to say I am gutted about is an understatement but due to our first child on the way I needed something a little more usable for my wife and fancied a change. Been an active member on a m3 forum for the last few years so I know everyone likes pictures so Here is a picture of my M3
    Onto the A3, very happy with it and impressed with how it moves and the DSG is great. Its pretty standard at the moment I would like to add some 19" wheels and maybe a few other bits and bobs which Im sure this forum will lead me to, I know how these forums just make you want to spend money. Here is a pic of the new motor.
    Im pretty in to my detailing so thats next on the agenda, hope you guys like and look forward to your comments.

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