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Newbie A3 Driver

Azy Jun 13, 2010

  1. Azy

    Azy Need Help- Xenon Kit

    Hi everyone, I've Just bought A3 Quattro 2.0TDI 170 S line 07 on Monday and thought I'd join the Audi forum. Don't normally keep a car for long time but I think I will keep this. Last car was a BMW 3 series (not really me) before that I had Golf GT TDi (well actually had 3). Was hoping to get some help on kitting my car up.......

    Xenon kit - from what I've read around its not as simple as I thought:

    • can get problems with rear wiper (which means you have to get canbus blocker)
    • Vagcom is needed to tell car hid is fitted
    • if slimline ballasts are used the fit neatly inside the back of the a3 headlamp
    • Problems with using original reflectors and bulb position. (without projectors). The beam pattern isn't great.
    • Problems with flickering
    Can anyone help? I was looking for somewhere that fits Xenons kits around Sheffield (without causing above problems) One of mates had Xenon kit and had problems don't wana make same mistake. Can anyone help me LOL. Hope to here from you all soon


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