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Newbie, A3 Black Edtion Advice Plz

Diamond Apr 11, 2010

  1. Diamond

    Diamond Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Only just joined up there, Have to say what a great site!:icon_thumright:

    I currently driving Focus ST and i have placed an order for A3 Black Edition (10 weeks delivery). But im thinking of changing the engine and some other optional Extra's. The specs are:

    (on order)
    A3 Black Edition 2.0 TDI 140
    Ibis White
    S Tronic
    Comfort Pack
    Bluetooth Interface

    (thinking of changing to)
    A3 Black Edition 2.0 TDI 140
    Ibis White
    Comfort Pack
    Mobile Telephone pre-low with voice control
    Interior Light Pack
    Folding Mirrors

    I would be very grateful for your advice on the question i have.

    The reasons of thinking of changing to the 170 is because i noticed now that the 140 only comes with a sinlge tail pipe. The saleman told me this is because the 140 as now got Stop & Start and the 170 as not there for still twin tailpipes. Is this true? If i change for the 170 will i defo get Twin tailpipes?

    I test drove both engines and i have noticed that the 170 is quicker. Would you have the 140 S Tronic or 170 manual?

    Comport Pack, Does it come with Auto Dimming rear view mirror?

    DRL - Inside the interior light switch i noticed on model that don't have Auto lights to switch on the DRL's you just switch it to the DRL postion, But how does it work if you have Auto lights on your car?

    With Mobile Telephone Pre-low with voice control do you get the Shark fin Aerail?

    Folding Mirrors - How good are these? Do they fold in all the way?

    Looking forward to redaing your replies!
  2. Xerohour

    Xerohour Active Member

    I'll answer the questions i have direct experiance with:

    Mirrors: I was quite dissapointed with the folding mirrors: They do not fold automatically, i.e when you lock /open the car they do not unfold/fold. The movement on them is really low too and do not sit flush with the car! Mine also have a tendancy to open at differant rates. ( I can upload a video if you want?)

    DRL's: On a car with Auto lights you have the following switch positions - OFF (0) > AUTO > SIDE > MAIN

    OFF 0 - Nothing on (No auto fuction)
    AUTO - in bright condtions the DRLS are a full brightness as per DRL above but if trigged by the light/rain sensor will switch the headlights on (which i feel is too sensitive) Essentialy driver has no control of DRL's in there full brightness condition!
    SIDELIGHTS - DRLs are dimmed and rear lights switch on (No auto fuction)
    HEADLIGHT - Xenons switch on with dimmed DRL and rear light (No auto fuction)

    Dimming mirror - Comes with Light and Rain sensor pack (so if this is part of the comfort pack then yes)

    Mirror Video:

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  3. Azizur_Rahman

    Azizur_Rahman Member

    Firstly it is has and not as.
    Sorry but i hate the new chav language.
  4. Pauljamescaton

    Pauljamescaton Member

    Hi there,

    I picked up my 170 S - Tronic Black Edition about 2 weeks ago :rock: put my comments in blue, hope this helps...



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